Attractions You Can’t Miss at Magic Kingdom

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By Laura Jemetta

Magic Kingdom has so many wonderful rides and attractions to offer, but without some pre-planning, you might miss out on something fantastic. Make sure you check out my Disney planning guide to get you started, and then read on below to start making your list of attractions you simply have to experience.

This guide will help you do just that – it’s a guide to the most popular and most iconic attractions at Magic Kingdom, and at the end, you’ll be ready to start your own list.

The Haunted Mansion

Let’s start with one of my favourite rides – The Haunted Mansion. Located in Liberty Square, this haunted ride is less scary, and more whimsical (for adults that is). The ride starts with a winding queue through the courtyard of an antebellum-era mansion, at the end of which you find yourself being welcomed into the foyer of the mansion itself. The less I say about the ride from here, the better, but it involves taking a ride in carriages aptly named ‘doom buggies’, throughout the mansion. Don’t miss this ride – especially if you’re at Magic Kingdom around Christmas, when the Haunted Mansion is transformed with ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ theming.

Splash Mountain

One of three ‘mountains’ at Disney, Splash Mountain is what I would consider to be a thrill ride. Located in Frontierland, Splash Mountain takes place in log-style carriages, which take you on a river-boat style ride. Glide lazily past singing animatronic animals until you reach the final, steep climb to the summit of Splash Mountain. The ride ends in a thrilling 15m, 45 degree angle drop, which deposits you into the waiting ‘river’ below, where you will probably get splashed. It’s an iconic Magic Kingdom ride, (and Disneyland ride, for that matter), and you don’t want to miss it.

Space Mountain

Second of the three Disney ‘mountains’, Space Mountain is possibly even more thrilling than Splash Mountain. It’s actually the oldest operating rollercoaster in Florida, and is an original Disney World ride – having been replicated at almost all the other Disney parks around the world. Space Mountain is an indoor, space-themed rollercoaster, featuring a series of sharp turns and steep drops in almost total darkness. If you like rollercoasters, you’re going to want to make a bee-line for Tomorrowland. Fair warning though – the lines can be astronomical, sometimes upward of three hours, so snatch up a Fastpass+ for it if you can.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain is the third of the ‘mountains’ of Magic Kingdom, and is also found in Frontierland. It’s a frontier themed outdoor rollercoaster, just as thrilling as Space Mountain. Big Thunder is almost an exact replica of it’s original counterpart in Disneyland. It’s a super fun ride if you like rollercoasters, featuring steep climbs, sharp turns and drops, and it’s especially magical to ride at night, when the climbs will give you the most beautiful view of the illuminated Castle. Just remember: the wait times are generally long, and the queuing area is in very close quarters, so maybe take an iced water with you into the line to keep you cool.

Mad Tea Party

The Mad Tea Party is a simple spinning ride themed around the un-birthday scene in Alice in Wonderland. It’s a colourful and joyful sight in Fantasyland, and one that consistently draws crowds of all ages. All that spinning makes it notorious for causing motion sickness, so if you’re prone to it, maybe steer clear. That being said, kids especially will love this one, and everyone will find it fun to see how fast they can make their teacup spin – each one can be controlled by a central steering wheel independent of the ride itself. That’s double the spin and double the dizziness.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Located in Adventureland, Pirates is a dark themed ride that actually inspired the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. I know – I thought it was the other way around, but the ride pre-dates the films by about 40 years. In fact, the original Pirates ride was the last ride whose construction was overseen by Walt Disney himself. That being said, Pirates is one of the most iconic Disney rides, and one of my personal favourites. It’s a simple boat ride that positions you as a bystander to a pirate-themed story, and takes you through a beautiful waterfall of mist. It’s a great ride for the whole family, and if you’re struggling in the heat of the day, duck into Pirates – it takes place entirely inside and it’s always gloriously cool in there.

The Jungle Cruise

Another one of my favourites, the Jungle Cruise is located in Adventureland, and is a ‘river-boat’ style cruise down the great rivers of Asia, Africa and South America. Featuring animatronic wildlife and a charismatic guide, you will wind your way through the ‘jungle’ on your very own boat. It’s one for the whole family again, and is a charming break from the hustle and bustle of the park.

It’s a Small World

Another water-based ride, It’s a Small World is simply iconically Disney. It’s an indoor boat ride through scenes of animatronic children representing different countries from around the world. I realise now that that description sounds a little weird, but it’s fun to spot your country represented along the way, and the whole theme of the ride is global peace. Just be prepared to have ‘It’s a Small World’ in your head for the rest of the day. Seriously. The rest of the day.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

This is another iconic Disney ride. I’m not sure about you, but when I was a kid all the ads for Disney World or Disneyland featured the flying Dumbo ride. Dumbo is a tame and kid-friendly carousel style ride through the air in Dumbo-shaped carriages. If you’re at Magic Kingdom with kids, it’s one not to be missed, though you’ll likely need a Fastpass+ if you want to avoid huge wait times.

The Parade

Trust me on this one – you can’t miss the parade. It’s a spectacle of colour and sound, and there’s something magical about those elaborate floats rolling past you; those characters from your childhood floating past you; the spectacle of it all. It is truly something, and it happens at least twice a day. Make sure to at least catch one of the two parades – the mid-afternoon, or the evening, (the evening one features swathes of fairy lights!), especially if there are kids with you at the parks. For us adults, we are aware of the trickery of it; of the people behind the costumes and characters, but for kids, those characters are so real. Even as an adult, it’s magic to be a part of.

The Fireworks 

Disney fireworks are fireworks as you have never seen them. These are spectacular fireworks. These are fireworks against the backdrop of the illuminated magic Castle. These are fireworks set to the soundtrack of your childhood. I challenge you not to be moved by these fireworks. I always am. The fireworks take place every night that weather permits at Magic Kingdom, and you can catch a great view by getting a spot somewhere on Main Street, though there are several other great vantage points throughout the park. Make sure you don’t leave Magic Kingdom before Fireworks; they will fill you with nostalgia, happiness and joy.

There you have it – my guide to the best and most iconic Magic Kingdom attractions. Now you can use this list to create your own list of the rides you have to see during your time at Disney. Don’t forget to think about which rides you would like to Fastpass+ too!

Please leave me a comment below if you liked the list, or if there’s any rides you would add to it. Maybe I missed out your favourite ride – let me know!

The Ultimate First-Timers Guide to Disney World Preparation

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Entrance to Magic Kingdom

By Laura Jemetta

Lucky you! You’re heading to Disney World for the first time! I’m significantly jealous, because you’re going to have the best time.

So, you’re a first-timer, which means you might have a lot of questions about Disney, and about how to have the best time at the parks.


That’s it. That’s the best way to have the greatest time at the parks.

Sure, it might not sound as wonderful and glamorous as just winging it and going wherever the day takes you, but trust me on this one: Disney is one holiday you have to prepare for.

The good news is this: the Disney preparation is one of the most exciting parts of going to Disney! You’re going to have so much fun doing all your planning and research, and it’s going to make you all the more excited for your trip.

This is the guide I wish I’d had when I was going to Disney for the first time – comprehensive and common-sense. It will let you know how to navigate your Disney planning, what to bring with you to the parks, and how to prepare yourself for the Disney experience.

Keep reading, and let me know in the comments below if you find my tips helpful!

Step 1: Research and Planning

Let’s start at the very beginning…it’s time for some serious planning. This is where you’ll learn all about Disney World, and come up with your plan-of-attack for the parks.

1. Download the Disney World app – My Disney Experience: Walt Disney World

Okay, you’ve got your park tickets. You’re on your way to Disney World. Your first step is going to be to download the official Disney World app. This app has everything. It’s awesome. You need it. That’s it.

The next thing you’re going to do is go ahead and link your park tickets to your Disney app. This means that your tickets and reservations will be connected to the app on your phone – so handy.

2. Check out the park maps

Next step is to start familiarising yourself with the maps of the parks you’re visiting: check out the size, scale and general lay-out of the parks. Luckily, you’ve already downloaded your handy-dandy Disney app, on which you can access maps, as well as ride locations and up-to-date ride wait times.

3. Create your ultimate ride and attraction list

It’s time to get into some serious research – you need to create as list of the attractions and rides that you simply can’t miss. It’s not an an easy or cheap job to get from Australia to Disney, so when I do get there, I’m always conscious that it will probably be another 5-10 years until I will get there again. That’s why it’s so important to me to see and do everything important to me, and to make the most of my time at Disney.

It might seem like a better idea to wing it, and see and do whatever takes your fancy on the day. But, there’s simply so much to see at Disney, that you’re bound to miss out on something fantastic, if you don’t have a plan of action.

4. Its Fastpass+ Time!

That’s right, now you can take full advantage of the Fastpass+ System! In case you don’t know, Disney’s Fastpass+ System is a free way to skip ahead of the lines for the best rides and attractions. All you have to do is make a Fastpass+ reservation on your Disney app. You can read all about the Fastpass+ System here to make sure you take full advantage of it.

So, you have your must-do list, it’s time to start selecting your Fastpasses+. Use your Disney app to get an idea of which rides on your list have the longest wait times, and try to Fastpass+ those.

TOP TIP: When picking your Fastpasses+ keep in mind that it’s best to avoid criss-crossing across the parks all day. Try to choose Fastpasses+ that will take you in a logical clockwise or anti-clockwise route around the parks. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re not running back and forth across the park all day for Fastpasses+.

5. Plan Your Meals – (if that’s your thing)

The Disney app even allows you to plan your meals at the parks ahead of time. Now, spending a lot of money on food might not be your thing, and that’s okay. If it’s not, check out my post on sticking to a budget at Disney, for some tips on saving money on food at the parks.

But, if you’re going to want to experience Character Dining, or want to check out some of the unique sit-down restaurants at Disney, it’s a good idea to plan these ahead of time. The Disney World app allows you to make dining reservations ahead of time, and for a lot of the dining experiences at Disney World, this is essential.

MY TIP: go ahead and do some research on the dining experiences available at Disney World, and use the app to book them ahead of time. This won’t necessarily save you money, but it will save you the disappointment of missing out on something you really want to experience.

6. Leave Room for Spontaneity

I know, I know, I’ve just told you to do all this planning, and it might feel like you’ll have no room in your day for just being in the moment, and going where the magic takes you. But it doesn’t have to be this way – the planning won’t take the magic out of your trip if you leave room for spontaneity. Spread your Fastpasses out so that you don’t spend your day running from reservation to reservation. This will leave you room to stop and wait for a ride that catches your eye, to meet a roaming character, or to sit and enjoy a drink somewhere in Fantasy Land.

Your day is going to be filled with magic regardless, but remember for all your planning and preparation try not to be too restricted by your schedule. Leave space to take the breaks you need, to stop and watch that performance, or to take a look in that shop you pass by. These spontaneous moments and the little surprises that Disney has to offer may end up being some of your favourite moments of your trip.

Step 2: Get Your Disney Bag Together

So, you’ve done all your planning and research. You know your must-do rides, what your dining reservations are, and the general route you’re going to take around the parks.

Now it’s time to start thinking about what you will need to take with you to the parks! Check out my list below for tips on what to put in your Disney bag

1. Start with a small cross-body bag or backpack

Keep it small, keep it functional, and lightweight and sturdy. The last thing you need at Disney is to be lugging around a heavy and cumbersome bag. Opt for something strong, functional and something that you don’t mind (possibly) getting a little wet or dirty.

2. Your Phone

Obviously. The first thing that’s going in your bag is your phone, right? Good, because now you’ve got your Disney app, tickets, reservations and Fastpasses+ on there, you’re going to need it.You already know the deal, but you’ll need it to reserve more Fastpasses+, to check out up-to-date wait times for rides, and of course for those all-important holiday photos.

Make sure you charge up your battery to full capacity, and pop in a portable charger too. Check out my post here to find out why portable chargers are a life-saver while travelling.

3. Sunscreen

It’s Orlando. You’re going to need sunscreen. As an Australian, that’s just where my mind naturally goes: sun+heat = sunscreen. Save yourself the sunburn and the sun damage, and just Slip Slop Slap. (That’s Slip on a long-sleeved shirt, Slop on some sunscreen, and Slap on a hat, for my non-Aussie friends)

Oh, and pop that sunscreen in your Disney bag for re-applications throughout the day. While Disney World does offer quite a bit of shade, the queues for rides are often in the direct sun!

4. Bandaids

Just in case you do decide to wear those shoes. Throw a couple of bandaids in your bag – you never know when you might need one, even in the best of shoes.

5. Your Preferred Over-the-Counter Pain Relief

Imagine this: it’s hot. It’s humid. You’ve been in the sun all day, and you haven’t had enough of Disney’s free iced water as you probably should have. Now you’ve got a pounding headache, but you still want to make it to closing time.

Don’t fear. Luckily, you read my handy packing guide before you even arrived at Disney, so you packed yourself some pain relief in your trusty bag! Even if you’re not usually prone to headaches, the combination of the Orlando heat and sun is a special sort of recipe for a headache.

Headache. Toothache. Period pain. You never know what’s going to happen, and there’s nothing worse than traipsing back to Main Street to buy some overpriced panadol.

6. Hair Ties. Bobby Pins. Pressed Powder – if that’s your kind of thing

Side note about me: I am a notorious over-packer. I have a fear of being unprepared, so I tend to try and prepare for all eventualities. So, this entry may seem a little extra, and if it’s not for you, feel free to skip ahead. I won’t mind.

Anyway: probably not the most essential of things to put in your Disney bag, but if you’re a mid or long-haired person like me, you might appreciate something to get your hair off your face in the heat of the day.

Same goes for the pressed powder – it’s hot. Humid. You’ll get sweaty. I’d have appreciated something in my Disney bag to make my face a little less sweaty.

Let’s move on from sweat, right?

Step 3: Prepare Your Disney Mindset

1. Bring Your Tolerance and Patience

Okay, let’s be real. It’s going to be really hot. It’s going to be really humid. It’s going to be crowded. Like, really, really crowded. You’re going to wait in lines longer than you thought possible. There’s no getting around that. You’re probably even going to get frustrated at some point in the day, but that’s okay – Disney’s a high-energy, overwhelming sort of a place.

There’s going to be a lot of overtired kids. And strollers nipping at your ankles. And people without common courtesy. (I realise now that I’m not making Disney sound like a lot of fun, but you’ll have to trust me that it is). Just be prepared for everything Disney involves – not just the fun stuff – and remember that you’ll need your patience.

2. Bring Your Sense of Wonder

TOP TIP: It’s a lot easier to ignore any of the frustrating things, (overzealous stroller-pushers, I’m looking at you), if you take a healthy sense of wonder with you. Yes, Disney is a place for adults to re-discover their inner child, but it’s also a place children, and I recommend trying to see things through the eyes of those kids. Everything will be more exciting; more magical, if you try and experience Disney this way. Seek out the small details; the little Disney touches throughout the parks that are designed to bring more magic to your day, and see Disney as kids do – as the most magical and happiest place on earth.

3. Bring Along Your Childhood Nostalgia

Disney is the one place in the world that you can break out all those childhood Disney memories and revel in them. Still know all the words to ‘A Whole New World’? You can use that at Disney. Feel like crying at the parade as you watch all the characters of your childhood dance past you? You can do that at Disney.

(Confession: Yes, that is something I did. I was 14 at the time, and evidently a lot more emotional)

You’ll be reminded of the part Disney played in your childhood – that swell of music as you walk down Main Street will move you, and seeing kids meet Ariel will remind you how much you loved that film as a child. You will have moments of nostalgia during your time at the parks, because that’s the pull of a place like Disney – they remind us of growing up, and what it is to be childlike.

Wow, did you make it to the end? I’m proud of you. Now you’re all set, all prepared, and ready to have the greatest time ever at Disney World! Did I mention I’m jealous? Never mind me – you’re on your way! Make sure to check out my post about the day I had at Magic Kingdom, and please leave any specific questions you have about Disney planning in the comments below. I’d love to chat about Disney World with you!

What is the Disney Dining Plan?

By Laura Jemetta

The entrance of Magic Kingdom

Have you ever wondered what the Disney Dining Plan is, and if it’s worth it to purchase one for your trip? Read on below to find out all about the Disney Dining Plan, and for my tip before purchasing one.

What is it?

Disney Dining Plans are available exclusively to Disney hotel guests, and are a way to prepay for your meals, snacks and drinks prior to your visit to the Parks. With three plans to choose from, depending on your needs and budget, the Disney Dining Plan is something to consider when customising your Disney visit.

How does it work?

Once you select your package, all your meal entitlements are loaded onto your Magic Band. When you want to redeem a meal, snack or beverage, you simply touch your magic band to the sensor at the kiosk, quick-service diner or restaurant.

So, what are my options?

The three Dining Plan options range from a basic plan for those looking for ease and convenience to a deluxe option for those looking for some extra-special meal experiences.


The first of the plans includes meals at over 50 Quick-Service dining locations. This means you have a wide range of food options to choose from, including pasta, burgers, soup and fish available from self-service restaurants.

Included in your plan, per night of your visit, per guest:

  • 2 Self-Service meals
  • 1 non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage per meal
  • 2 snacks (selected items only)
  • A refillable mug


This plan is the middle point between the basic plan and the deluxe plan, offering a balance of convenient Quick-Service meals, and more relaxing Waiter-Service meals. You have the option to choose character dining and buffets, or to grab a light meal on the go at a Self-Service restaurant.

Included in your plan, per night of your visit, per guest:

  • 1 Waiter-Service meal
  • 1 Self-Service meal
  • 1 non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage per meal
  • 2 snacks (selected items only)
  • A refillable mug


The deluxe plan includes 3 meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Parks! Available at over 100 locations, your meals can feature gourmet food options, as well as meals at Signature Restaurants and Character Dining. This premium product is a Disney luxury.

Included in your plan, per night of your stay, per guest:

  • 3 Waiter-Service or Self-Service meals
  • 1 non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage per meal
  • 2 snacks (selected items only)
  • A refillable mug

My Tip: 

Make sure you consider whether the Disney Dining Plan is for you. When I did Disney on a budget, the Dining Plan definitely wouldn’t have worked me – Kate and I ate light and took advantage of the free iced water, so the dining plan wasn’t practical for us. If you know you will want to eat square meals and have regular snacks, it may be advantageous for you to have prepaid for your food before getting to the Parks. If like us, you aim to eat less inside the Parks, and more outside, the Disney Dining Plan may not be for you.

Disney’s Fastpass+ System Explained

*This post has been written with Walt Disney World Orlando in mind*

Disney’s Fastpass+ System is, in essence, a free way to skip the lines of your favourite rides and attractions, that can really enhance the magic of your Disney visit by minimising wait times. The Fastpass+ system is included in the price of your admission, though not all guests are aware of the system, even though it is user-friendly and easy to control with an app on your smartphone.

Read on to find out how to use the Fastpass+ system to make your visit to Disney that much better.

So, how does Fastpass+ Work?

The Fastpass+ system allows guests to preselect a window of time to ride or see an attraction, giving them the opportunity to bypass the general queue and enter the shorter and swifter Fastpass+ queue.

Your selections are made using the Disney app on your smartphone.

So what’s the catch?

There are some restrictions on the Fastpass+ system that you should be aware of

  • It isn’t unlimited.

Each guest receives three Fastpass+ selections. You must use your three selections before you can make another.

  • Your ticket or package can change how you use the Fastpass+ system:

If you have a general ticket to the parks, you can access the Fastpass+ system 30 days before your visit, while guests staying at a Disney Resort can access the system 60 days before arriving at the parks

So how do I use my Fastpasses+ in the Parks?

There are two ways to use your Fastpasses+ and both involve using the Disney app on your phone or smart device.

  • If you have a general ticket or park admission, you will receive a card, (resembling a credit card) upon your entry to the park. This is linked to your park ticket, and thus to your preselected Fastpasses+. When it is time to use your Fastpass+, you simply touch the sensor at your chosen attraction, and enter the Fastpass+ line.
  • If you are staying at a Disney Resort, you will receive a Magic Band, which is also linked to your pre-selected Fastpasses+. When you need to use your Fastpass+, you simply touch your sensor at the start of Fastpass+ line at your chosen attraction.

Our top-tips for Fastpasses+ :

  • Time is of the essence:

Our tip is to take advantage of your Fastpass selections as soon as they become available to you. Whether you have 30 or 60 days to make your choices, it is wise to use the time you have because allocations for your favourite attractions will fill up!

  • Check back!

Checking back on the Disney app after you’ve made your three selections can pay off big time. Slots for the most popular rides and attractions often open up unexpectedly, and you can come across some of the most coveted Fastpasses+ by keeping an eye on the app. This is especially important to do while you are at the Parks!

  • Go in all guns blazing

Have a favourite ride? A character you simply have to meet? Don’t wait, grab a Fastpass+ for it whenever you can, because chances are it’s someone else’s must-do attraction too!

  • Our top-tip for first timers:

Familiarise yourself with the must-do rides and must-see attractions that Disney World has to offer before you even get to the Parks. If you need some help, see our list below of valuable Fastpasses+ to pick up if you come across them.

  • Space Mountain
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Autopia
  • Dumbo
  • Pirates of the Carribean
  • Big Thunder Railroad
  • It’s a Small World

How to Save Money at Disney World

By Laura Jemetta

disney on a budget 2_Pinterest

In this post, I share my tips for visiting Disney on a budget.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals carefully can be really good for your wallet. When I was at Disney, I made sure to eat a filling breakfast before getting to the Park – this was my first defense against unnecessary spending. When I was hungry again, I snacked on inexpensive things like popcorn, and instead saved my money for a nice quick service meal for dinner.

Stay Hydrated Without Breaking the Bank

Staying hydrated at the Parks is essential, especially in Orlando and California. Did you know that you can get free iced water at any kiosk or quick service restaurant? All you have to do is ask. My advice: skip the expensive sugary drinks in favor of the healthiest and cheapest option – good old water!

Take Advantage of Disney’s Free Experiences

Can’t afford character dining or the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? Don’t worry – some of the most magical Disney experiences are actually free. Grab a spot on Main Street, or outside Adventureland and catch the Parade. It is a spectacle of colour, music and dance, and you can see all your favourite characters pass by. Of course, the Parade ends with everybody’s favourite; Mickie and Minnie, and the kids will love getting a wave from them from atop their float. There are also heaps of opportunities to meet your favourite character for free. Meet Ariel in her grotto, the Princesses at Fairytale Hall, or be lucky enough to spot a rare character out and about around the Park. Make sure you also catch the fireworks – trust us, you’ve never seen fireworks like Disney does fireworks. The show is magnificent, (and free!) – spectacularly set to your favourite Disney songs and bursting with colour, don’t be surprised if they move you to tears!

Skip Most of the Souvenirs

Don’t get me wrong – you don’t have to forego the souvenirs entirely! Just be smart about what you buy. Skip the edible treats and the balloons – they won’t last past your trip to the Parks, and you won’t be able to carry that balloon back with you on the plane. Perhaps give the Mickey ears a pass too, (I know; unpopular opinion) – will you ever wear them again once you get home? Think about getting practical things instead; things that you will be able to use or look at every day. One of my favourite souvenirs is the Magic Kingdom mug I picked up at the Starbucks on Main Street. I use it every day, and it makes me think of the magic of Disney each time.

What are your tips for saving money at Disney World or Disneyland? Let me know in the comments below if any of my tips are helpful to you! And don’t forget to check out my post about our day at the Magic Kingdom.

Our Day at Magic Kingdom

By Laura Jemetta

Last year we spent a day at Magic Kingdom. Yes, it was just one day, but between our days at Universal Orlando, and the time constraint of our next destination, (San Francisco!) this was all we could fit in! We made the most of our day though, staying from rope-drop to fireworks, and cramming in as many rides and attractions as possible.

So, how did we do it?

We went in armed with the Fastpass+ System, and a plan of attack that included our must-do rides and experiences. Having already chosen our Fastpasses+ we already had a general plan of where we needed to be and when, so all we needed to do was fill in the blanks.

Importantly, we left time for rest breaks and for spontaneity, so that we wouldn’t feel as though we were following a regimented schedule on holiday!

What our day looked like

Our day started as everybody’s does – with a walk down Main Street. We headed towards the Castle, and stopping for some pictures before heading into Fantasy Land. We had our first Fastpass+ at It’s a Small World, so we explored Fantasy Land before boarding our Small World boat, and ticking our first must-do ride off our list.

After riding the Tea Cups, we headed into Tomorrow Land, where we rode Autopia and the People Mover, before stepping back into Fantasy Land to brave the lines for the Carousel. Feeling a little strange amongst all the children with their parents, we made it onto the Carousel, and were glad in the end that we waited out the line. Laura’s choice was Under the Sea – for her favourite Disney film, The Little Mermaid. We were grateful that we applied sunscreen that morning, because part of the line offers no shade from the harsh sun.

Our next Fastpass+ was for the Jungle Cruise, so we made our way over to Adventureland, where we visited Pirates of the Caribbean and explored the Swiss Family Treehouse while waiting for our time slot.

After grabbing some popcorn for lunch, (we were saving our money for a quick service dinner), we grabbed spots for the parade, which were fairly good considering we only got them about fifteen minutes before the parade started. One of Laura’s favourite Disney traditions, the Parade was spectacular as usual.

With the parade done, we were losing stamina after so long on our feet. We trudged back to Tomorrow Land with Space Mountain in mind – another one of our must-do rides. We weren’t to be swayed by the two-hour wait time, instead stopping off at a kiosk to pick up some slurpees to drink while waiting in line. This idea proved to be great – the drinks cooled us down as we waited out of heat, and made the sometimes stagnant line a little bit better. You can read about Space Mountain here.

When we got out of Space Mountain, dusk was approaching and we headed over to our net Fastpass+, The Haunted Mansion, which you can read about here. We found ourselves back in Fantasy Land for an early dinner at Pinocchio’s Village Haus. The food was nice and inexpensive, and we were definitely glad to off our feet for a while.

Fueled up and ready to go again, we walked to Frontier Land to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We found this queue to be the hardest of the day, as it proved to be a colossal wait time in a confined, almost airless space. We both agreed that the wait was worth it, though, for the thrilling rollercoaster that turned out to be one of the best rides of the day.


By the time we exited the ride, night had fallen, and it was time to get spots for the fireworks. After a little souvenir shopping on Main Street, we took our placed to watch the fireworks. Kate had never seen Disney fireworks, and we both agreed that they were spectacular, and one of the highlights of the day.

We both agreed that after the fireworks were over, it was time to call it a day. We went to the Starbucks on Main Street and got Iced Tea for the ferry ride, and made our way out of the park.

Short and sweet, our Disney was exciting, and full of colour, light and music. Laura got her Disney fix, Kate saw Disney for the first time, and we left exhausted, perhaps a little sunburned and filled to the brim with Disney magic.

What is your favourite Disney memory? Let me know in the comments below!