Disney’s Fastpass+ System Explained

*This post has been written with Walt Disney World Orlando in mind*

Disney’s Fastpass+ System is, in essence, a free way to skip the lines of your favourite rides and attractions, that can really enhance the magic of your Disney visit by minimising wait times. The Fastpass+ system is included in the price of your admission, though not all guests are aware of the system, even though it is user-friendly and easy to control with an app on your smartphone.

Read on to find out how to use the Fastpass+ system to make your visit to Disney that much better.

So, how does Fastpass+ Work?

The Fastpass+ system allows guests to preselect a window of time to ride or see an attraction, giving them the opportunity to bypass the general queue and enter the shorter and swifter Fastpass+ queue.

Your selections are made using the Disney app on your smartphone.

So what’s the catch?

There are some restrictions on the Fastpass+ system that you should be aware of

  • It isn’t unlimited.

Each guest receives three Fastpass+ selections. You must use your three selections before you can make another.

  • Your ticket or package can change how you use the Fastpass+ system:

If you have a general ticket to the parks, you can access the Fastpass+ system 30 days before your visit, while guests staying at a Disney Resort can access the system 60 days before arriving at the parks

So how do I use my Fastpasses+ in the Parks?

There are two ways to use your Fastpasses+ and both involve using the Disney app on your phone or smart device.

  • If you have a general ticket or park admission, you will receive a card, (resembling a credit card) upon your entry to the park. This is linked to your park ticket, and thus to your preselected Fastpasses+. When it is time to use your Fastpass+, you simply touch the sensor at your chosen attraction, and enter the Fastpass+ line.
  • If you are staying at a Disney Resort, you will receive a Magic Band, which is also linked to your pre-selected Fastpasses+. When you need to use your Fastpass+, you simply touch your sensor at the start of Fastpass+ line at your chosen attraction.

Our top-tips for Fastpasses+ :

  • Time is of the essence:

Our tip is to take advantage of your Fastpass selections as soon as they become available to you. Whether you have 30 or 60 days to make your choices, it is wise to use the time you have because allocations for your favourite attractions will fill up!

  • Check back!

Checking back on the Disney app after you’ve made your three selections can pay off big time. Slots for the most popular rides and attractions often open up unexpectedly, and you can come across some of the most coveted Fastpasses+ by keeping an eye on the app. This is especially important to do while you are at the Parks!

  • Go in all guns blazing

Have a favourite ride? A character you simply have to meet? Don’t wait, grab a Fastpass+ for it whenever you can, because chances are it’s someone else’s must-do attraction too!

  • Our top-tip for first timers:

Familiarise yourself with the must-do rides and must-see attractions that Disney World has to offer before you even get to the Parks. If you need some help, see our list below of valuable Fastpasses+ to pick up if you come across them.

  • Space Mountain
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Autopia
  • Dumbo
  • Pirates of the Carribean
  • Big Thunder Railroad
  • It’s a Small World

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