About Us

Into The Wild

Xen. is the brainchild of Kate and Laura, two xenomaniacs from Melbourne, Australia.

We are adventurers, world travellers and writers, and we bring you Xen. – a travel blog, with great pleasure.

Kate is one half writer, one half barista, one half traveller and she wonders why she doesn’t have any time for sleep. She is also an avid theatre-goer and terrible at maths. She will spend part of next year teaching English in Peru.

Places she would visit again tomorrow: London, New York, anywhere in Italy.

Laura is a coffee, book and travel lover, who is currently dreaming of New York, where she spent three weeks last year. Laura is always planning her next trip, which will Peru in 2019.

Places she would visit again tomorrow: Disney World, San Francisco, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.