Which Vaccines do you Need to Visit Peru?

By Kate Arnold

Which vaccinations do you need to go to Peru?

As part of my preparations to go to Peru I have been getting all of the vaccines I need, and there are A LOT. Here’s all the jabs you need if you are staying in Peru for an extended period and planning on doing any hiking:

  1. Typhoid/Hepatitis A – You can get theses two vaccines in one combo jab (what a bonus). Together they’ll cost you around $130. You should get a Hepatitis A top up six months after this jab and you’ll be immunised for life.
  2. Malaria – This one isn’t an injection, instead you have to take tablets. You start taking them two days before you leave, then one everyday while you are in the zone where malaria is a risk and then one everyday for a week after you leave the zone. For six months worth of tablets this cost me $65, just over $10 per month.
  3. Rabies – You only have to get the rabies jab if you are going to be in Peru for an extended period or if you are going to be going into any places of nature such as the Amazon or hiking Macchu Picchu. You have to get three rounds of this injection. After you get the first round you have to wait seven days to get the second round. You have to wait 14 days after the second round to get the third jab. All of these cost just under $300!
  4. Yellow Fever – The average chemist doesn’t stock the Yellow Fever vaccine and they can’t order it in either. I went to City Vaccine in Melbourne CBD for the jab. They specialise in travel vaccines and I didn’t have to get a prescription for it either. This vaccine costs $130 and the appointment was another $40 odd on top of that.

All up I’ve spend approximately $665, which is about $265 more than I was expecting to pay. Don’t forget to get records of each of your vaccines from the nurse to show at arrival at the airport if you are requested. You may also be required to show proof of vaccinations if you want to go on guided hikes or tour to places like the Machu Picchu or the Amazon.

Read more about my up coming trip to Peru here.

Which places have you been to that needed multiple vaccinations? Let me know in the comments!

My Travel Goals for 2019

By Kate Arnold

The New Year is just around the corner and this is the time of the year that I like to think about my goals and resolutions for the coming year. I’m all about Here are some of my travel related goals for 2019.

  1. Visit Machu Picchu – when in Peru, right? I can’t go there and not see these amazing Incan ruins, at the moment this looks like it’s happening in April but nothing is set in stone yet yet
  2. See Hamilton on Broadway – I was lucky enough to see Hamilton in Chicago last year but I’d still love to see it ‘in the greatest city in the world’ (check out my Guide to New York for the Hamilton-lover)
  3. See Mean Girls on Broadway – I love the movie of Mean Girls, it has become such a classic and I love the music in the musical (fingers crossed Barrett Wilbert Weed is still in the show at that time, I’m a huge fan of hers)
  4. See Frozen on Broadway – I’m dying to see the show, particularly ‘Let It Go’ and that quick change (check out all the ways you can save money on Broadway tickets, I’ll be revisiting this article before I go back to New York)
  5. Live like a local in Peru – I’ve never travelled somewhere and stayed for such an extended period so I’m looking forward to living in Peru rather than just visiting (learn more about my upcoming trip to Peru here)
  6. Travel to one other country in South America – while I’m teaching I’ll have time to go on little adventures on the weekend and I’m hoping to spend one of those weekends in Brazil or Chile or maybe Bolivia
  7. Teach English overseas – so I know that this is definitely going to happen, it’s the whole reason I’m going over there in the first place but this has been a person goal of mine for years and I’m so excited to finally be ticking it off the list
  8. Invest $5000 to my travel fund – I’m currently investing into mutual fund with the goal of building up a yearly passive income of $5000 that will finance my travelling in the future (let me know in the comments if this is something you would like me to write about in more depth)
  9. Get freelance work while I travel – I’ve just begun my journey as a freelance writer and I want to make sure I keep momentum up while I travel as well as bring in some extra money while I’m away
  10. Visit family in Queensland – the plan was to go this year but with one thing and another I never made it up north to see my family in Queensland, when I get back from Peru and have a bit of money saved I’m thinking about making a road trip out of it, maybe stopping in Sydney on the way

Tell me about some of your goals and resolutions for the New Year in the comment section, whether travel related or not. Don’t forget to check out some of our other 12 Days of Christmas articles like Laura’s Gift Guide for Travel Lovers or my insights into going to Vision Australia’s Carols By Candlelight concert in Melbourne.

Happy Holidays!

My Christmas Wishlist: Things I Need for my Trip to Peru

By Kate Arnold

As you may know, I’m going on a big trip next year. Firstly I’m going to Peru, where I’ll be staying for five months and teaching English for a good portion of that time. Then I’m going over to the States to re-visit New York and see a bunch of shows on Broadway and then to LA where I’ll hopefully spend a magical day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter before going home.

Trips like these require supplies and here are some things on my to-buy list that I still need to pick up before I leave in March. Maybe, if you know someone who is doing a big trip like me, it will help you find something to put in their stocking this year.

  1. An electrical adaptor – pretty standard, Peru (as far as I can tell) uses two different types of electrical plugs, one is the same as the US, the other one… why is this information so hard to find online?
  2. A surge protector – these are weirdly difficult to find and I do not want to fry my phone or my laptop
  3. A strong mosquito repellent – maybe this is a weird one but Dengue, Zika and Malaria are a risk in Peru
  4. Malaria pills – see above
  5. Hiking boots – Machu Picchu, here I come
  6. A portable phone charger – so far I’ve travelled without one but this is the trip I cave and get one for
  7. A travel document wallet – I’ve never travelled with one of these either but this time I’m going to have so many more documents and flights and accommodation bookings that I need to make sure I can keep it all in order
  8. Locks – for nights that I stay in hostels and need to lock my valuables in lockers
  9. Luggage tags – not because I want aesthetic luggage tags that match my passport holder and document wallet but because I bought a brand new suitcase to take on this trip and I still don’t have any luggage tags for it
  10. RFID passport cover – these passport covers protect your information from being lifted when it is getting scanned, when I think about all the personal information I had to give to get my passport, as well as how easy it is these days to be hacked or have your identity stolen, this is crucial
  11. Socks and underwear – I don’t have to explain this one, do I?

If you are still in need of gift ideas for the travel-lovers in your life make sure to check out Laura’s article. And don’t miss our other articles in our 12 Days of Christmas series like Laura’s and My Top Christmas Holiday Destinations as well as Laura’s Guide to Melbourne at Christmas and My Experience at Carols By Candlelight.

Have I left anything out? What else do I need for this trip that I’m forgetting? Let me know in the comment section and let me know it you’re going to get anything on this list for any travellers you know.

My First Extended Trip | March 2019

By Kate Arnold

Peru United States of America Solo Travel Trip

In early March next year I’ll be embarking on my first extended trip. I still don’t have all he details worked out yet but the main plan is to go to Peru where I will be teaching English for three months and then hopping over the States to revisit New York and LA. I’ll be gone from the beginning of March until mid August.

The Plan So Far


I’ll arrive in Lima (after a 30 hour journey!) and stay in a hostel for two days, which I’ll probably spend getting over jet lag but hopefully I can spend a bit of time exploring Lima as well. Then I’ll fly to Zorritos where I’ll meet the Teach Peru team that I’m staying with. The next four weeks I’ll undertake an intensive course of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).  Zorritos is a costal town in the Tumbes region, sometimes called the Land of Eternal Summer, with beaches and hot springs. During the course I will turn 25 and hope that I can celebrate on a beach with some new friends.


The TEFL course will finish around the second week of April but because schools don’t take on new teachers until the beginning of every month I need to wait until the start of May to begin teaching. I’ve decided to use these two weeks in April to go to Cusco and take a trip to Machu Picchu.

May, June, July

Teaching! I’m not sure where in Peru I’ll be teaching yet, I’ll find out where teachers are needed when I get there. I’ll be teaching for around 30 hours per week, which won’t leave me with a lot of time to explore during the week but I’m planning on spending the weekends getting in as much experiences as I can. I can’t plan much of this because I don’t know where I’ll be located but I’m happy to go with the flow for this part of the trip. I want to experience living in Peru like a local. 


When I’m finished teaching I’m going to get on a flight to New York where I’ll spend about a week. I’ve previously spent 10 days in New York City and I got to do almost everything on my list. This time I really want to see Hamilton, Frozen and Mean Girls on Broadway (and a few others if I can afford it). Check out my article about how I saved money on Broadway tickets last time I went to New York. This time I’d like to go to the Empire State Building and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which I ran out of time to do last year and I’m dying to go back to my favourite bookstore in the world, The Strand. From New York I’m going back to Los Angeles, where I’m hoping to go back to Universal Studios for a day or two. I love rollercoasters and I’m dying to go back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you’re going to Universal Studios make sure to read Laura’s article about using the Single Rider Line and how it will save you tonnes of time, without paying for express passes. It would be a fun way to end a great trip.  

The nerves are definitely starting to set in. I’ve never been away from my family for this long. I’ve travelled alone before (and loved it) but only for a maximum of four weeks. Living abroad and teaching English abroad have both been massive goals of mine and I’m so excited to experience these things. Have you been to Peru, taught a language abroad or done extended travel? Let me know all your tips and tricks in the comments.