Which Vaccines do you Need to Visit Peru?

By Kate Arnold

Which vaccinations do you need to go to Peru?

As part of my preparations to go to Peru I have been getting all of the vaccines I need, and there are A LOT. Here’s all the jabs you need if you are staying in Peru for an extended period and planning on doing any hiking:

  1. Typhoid/Hepatitis A – You can get theses two vaccines in one combo jab (what a bonus). Together they’ll cost you around $130. You should get a Hepatitis A top up six months after this jab and you’ll be immunised for life.
  2. Malaria – This one isn’t an injection, instead you have to take tablets. You start taking them two days before you leave, then one everyday while you are in the zone where malaria is a risk and then one everyday for a week after you leave the zone. For six months worth of tablets this cost me $65, just over $10 per month.
  3. Rabies – You only have to get the rabies jab if you are going to be in Peru for an extended period or if you are going to be going into any places of nature such as the Amazon or hiking Macchu Picchu. You have to get three rounds of this injection. After you get the first round you have to wait seven days to get the second round. You have to wait 14 days after the second round to get the third jab. All of these cost just under $300!
  4. Yellow Fever – The average chemist doesn’t stock the Yellow Fever vaccine and they can’t order it in either. I went to City Vaccine in Melbourne CBD for the jab. They specialise in travel vaccines and I didn’t have to get a prescription for it either. This vaccine costs $130 and the appointment was another $40 odd on top of that.

All up I’ve spend approximately $665, which is about $265 more than I was expecting to pay. Don’t forget to get records of each of your vaccines from the nurse to show at arrival at the airport if you are requested. You may also be required to show proof of vaccinations if you want to go on guided hikes or tour to places like the Machu Picchu or the Amazon.

Read more about my up coming trip to Peru here.

Which places have you been to that needed multiple vaccinations? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Which Vaccines do you Need to Visit Peru?

  1. I needed a lot of vaccines when I went to Thailand & Cambodia last year. I got vaccinated for Typhoid, Hepatitis B, and tetanus. I was given malaria pills but I ended up not taking them. Fortunately my US health insurance covered most of the cost. I think I paid $150 for typhoid and two weeks of malaria pills.


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