My Favourite Places in Melbourne for Food and Coffee

Cappuccino in a Melbourne coffee shop

Mebourne is the food and coffee capital of Australia – don’t let Sydney tell you otherwise! I think that’s my favourite thing about living here, but it’s made me a bit of a coffee snob, because I’ve not been anywhere (yet!) where the coffee rivals that of Melbourne.

The food in Melbourne is heavily influenced by our multicultural society – you can find amazing Vietnamese, authentic Mexican, traditional Italian and great burgers, all within two streets of each other.

We love food here, and we do it really well, so I’ve rounded up a list of some of my favourite places for coffee or a meal.


Poncho is the first cafe that I called ‘mine’ – you know how everyone has a cafe that’s ‘theirs’? One that they go to regularly enough that the Barista knows their order as well as their name? Well, mine is Poncho. It’s just up the street from me, so it is seriously local, and in the days before I could drive, I would walk up there to get my coffee. Nowadays, I do a lot of my work for Xen there, with a great coffee by my side. I don’t mind the cafe noise while I’m working, in fact, the grinding of the beans and the steaming of milk is a nice kind of white noise. Check out Poncho for fantastic coffee by Inglewood, and my favourite scrambled eggs on toast!

Good Times Milkbar:

Good Times is about five minutes away from me, which is dangerously close because of how much I love their potato gems. It serves some of the best food in the Bentleigh area, including breakfast, burgers, and milkshakes. One of my favourite things about Good Times is that I actually remember when the building used to be a corner milkbar – hence it’s name. It also features a puppy-friendly courtyard, with seating for the humans, and some of the brightest, loveliest pastel decor going around. Head to Good Times for cafe food done really, really, really well, and great coffee by Small Batch Roasting Co.


I know this isn’t very sophisticated of me, but I do love Fonda. It’s a chain of restaurants serving ‘mexican street food’, (that part is in quotation marks because I don’t know how authentic Fonda’s ‘street food’ is). But I love their chipotle chips and the quesadillas and of course the frozen margaritas! There is a Fonda in the shopping center where I work, and it’s a nice place to go after work for a quick dinner or drink.

Grand Trailer Park Taverna:

This is a restaurant that I think of as quintessentially Melbournian. It’s burgers, done really, really well as well as awesome drinks and desserts. It’s themed around a trailer park, with fairy lights strung everywhere, and booths made from caravan parts. Situated in the middle of the theatre district of Melbourne, the Grand Trailer Park is a great place to grab a meal before or after a show, or to enjoy a cocktail as the sun goes down, they even have a terrace!)


Not technically local to me, Winkel is more than worth the travel time. Serving great coffee, and the most amazing breakfast burger you’ll get anywhere, Winkel is the perfect place in Richmond to grab a bite, or get some work done. Amazing food paired with bright and airy decor and friendly staff? Perfect combination.

Leave me a comment if you’ve been to any of my favourite places!

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