Laura’s Top Five: Christmas Holiday Destinations

Today is Day Eight of Xen’s 12 Days of Christmas! Today I’m sharing my wishlist of destinations I would love to see at Christmas time. I’ve never been in a different city during the Christmas season, but I’d leave Melbourne for a Christmas in any of these five places. 

1. New York

I already love New York – the bustling, frenetic energy, the sprawling city-scape, the melting pot of art, culture, history and entertainment; I love it all. And I think the only thing that could make me love NYC any more is combining New York and Christmas. I’m thinking, Going to the Winter Village in Bryant Park, seeing the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree, and walking through Central Park with a hot chocolate. You can also check out my post about 5 free things to do in New York, and my Budget Friendly Tips for New York Accommodation, if you’re going to be in New York over Christmas. 

2. Manchester

My Dad grew up in Manchester, and I haven’t been there yet! I would love to see Manchester at Christmas, and to meet the English family that I’ve not met yet. I think it would be really lovely to be in England at Christmas time, and to celebrate a proper White Christmas with the family that I’ve spoken to on the phone and heard so much about. 

3. London

I also have lots of family in London, and there’s so much I want to do and see in London, so I think it would be the perfect Christmas destination. I’d love to see the lights and decorations at Harrods, and to do Christmas shopping on Oxford Street, and of course, to see a couple of shows! Perhaps at the top of my list is the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour – which I hear gets a special Christmas makeover this time of year. It sounds like the Harry Potter tour would be even more magical in December – though I’m wondering if that’s even possible considering how much I love Harry Potter! If you’re going to be in London around Christmas, don’t forget to check out Kate’s guide to the London Underground

4. Berlin

I have an idea of a perfect Christmas in my mind: it involves a snowy European city like Berlin, with me rugged up to the max (gloves needed!), and perusing a Christmas market sparkling with fairy lights. We don’t really have anything like the Christmas Markets of Europe here in Australia, and I would love just once to experience one. Combine that with Berlin being almost top of my European to-do list, and you have once of my ideal Christmas destinations. 

5. Honolulu

If you’ve been reading since Xen started, you’ll know that I love Hawaii. I’ve been twice, and I think it’s one of the most beautiful and atmospheric places in the world. The people are absolutely lovely, and the spirit of Hawaii is warm and bright. With that in mind, I know I would love a Hawaiian Christmas – one that is ‘green and bright’ like here in Australia. I imagine a Hawaiian Christmas would be slow and relaxing, spent soaking up the beautiful weather, probably with a trip down to the beach, and in the midst of a stunning landscape. It sounds perfect to me! If you’re thinking about a Hawaiian Christmas, check out my post about 5 Ways to See Oahu, to get some ideas on unique ways to experience beautiful Hawaii. 

There you have it, my Top Five Christmas Holiday Destinations. Tell me in the comments where in the world you would love to spend Christmas, and don’t forget to check out Kate’s Top Five here

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