Kate’s Top Five Christmas Holiday Destinations

By Kate Arnold

I’ve never travelled overseas for Christmas but hit definitely something that’s on my bucket list. Here are the top five places I want to visit at Christmas time.

1. Amsterdam

I have a lot of Dutch family so visiting them over Christmas would be incredible. So far I’ve never travelled internationally with any of my family and going to the Netherlands for Christmas with my mum and sisters would be an absolute dream. I’ve been to Amsterdam in the summer and it’s such a beautiful city but who wouldn’t want to see the canals in the wintertime? If you’re heading to Amsterdam some time in the future check out my article 10 Hidden Gems of Amsterdam and find some quirky places, off the beaten path that will make your visit brag-worthy as hell. 

2. London

It’s so hard to choose but I think that London is possibly my favourite place in the world. I image my Christmas holiday in London would include going ice-skating, drinking hot chocolates and going to see and show on the West End on Christmas Eve. Fingers crossed that it also snows. I recently heard that the famous Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree that is put up in London every year is a gift from Norway in gratitude of the British support in the Second World War. Ever since I heard this I’ve been dying see the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square. Read up of the ins and outs of travelling on the tube in my article Your Guide to the London Underground.

3. New York

I mean do I have to explain this one? I was in New York City in October last year but the weather still hadn’t turned and it was so hot. Not the American fall experience that I was expecting (but still had a great time). I would absolutely love to see New York in the snow, wearing sweaters and coats and mittens (it’s never cold enough in Australia to wear mittens), going ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza and seeing as many shows on Broadways as possible. New York is expensive, especially at Christmas time, here are some budget friendly activities to do in Laura’s article, 5 Free Things to do in New York City.

4. Prague

This is the first one on the list that I haven’t visited yet but I’ve always wanted to go to Prague and it looks like a beautiful city during Christmas time. The Squares are filled with fairy lights and the Christmas markets just look downright magical. I’ve yet to visit anywhere in Eastern Europe but Prague is top of my list and the holiday season looks like the perfect time to start.

5. Lapland

So this one might seem random in comparison to the other destinations on this list but Lapland, Finland, is one of my top Christmas destinations because I’m dying to see the aurora borealis one day. I don’t know what traveller doesn’t have the Northern Lights on their bucket list so I know that this isn’t particularly original of me but who cares? I’ll get there one day and it will be breathtaking. 

Don’t forget to check out Laura’s 12 Day’s of Christmas articles so far: Gift Ideas for Travel-Lovers and her Christmas Guide to Melbourne and look out for her wishlist holiday destinations in the coming days.

What places are at the top of your list to visit during the holiday season? Or where have you been that you would recommend? And have you been to any of the places on my list and what did you love the best? I’d love to know in the comment section.

Happy Holidays!

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