Oahu Spotlight: Waimea Valley

By Laura Jemetta

Waimea Valley
The waterfall at Waimea Valley

Waimea Valley is an historic and sacred cultural site located on the North Shore of Oahu. Beautiful and expansive, Waimea Valley 1,875 acre botanical garden and ahupa’a – division of land stretching from mountain to sea.

Waimea Valley is recognised as the ‘Valley of the Priests’, after having been given in perpetuity to the Kahuna Nui, (high priests), as early as 1902 AD. Waimea Valley features a beautiful botanical garden, and many significant cultural sites, as well as a beautiful waterfall.

Take the 1.2 kilometre trail through lush gardens and be rewarded with a beautiful ‘wailele’, (waterfall). The name of this waterfall actually changes depending on how the water is running at any given time. Called Waihe’e when the water is gently trickling, and Waihi when the water is rushing, this waterfall is breathtaking.

My tip is to wear your bathers to Waimea Valley, because you can actually swim in the stream below the waterfall. Borrow a free life jacket from the lifeguards and take a dip; it’s a lovely way to experience the waterfall and the valley.

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Oahu, and if you have, leave me a comment below if you have seen beautiful Waimea Valley. I’d love to hear about your Hawaiian adventures!

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