Universal’s Best Kept Secret: The Single Rider Line

By Laura Jemetta

Universal's Best Kept Secret_ The Single Rider Line.jpg

That’s right, many rides at Universal Orlando have a Single Rider Line, which is a free way to skip ahead of the general line for some of Universal’s most popular attractions.


Yes, the Single Rider line allows you to access a special queue especially for single riders, significantly shortening your wait times.

So, what does this mean?

Generally, guests opt to be seated with their friends and family on the rides themselves, which can result in a spare single seat in a row or carriage. As a single rider, you opt fill that spare seat where needed. The wait times in the Single Rider line are significantly shorter, for what I consider to be the small trade-off of not sitting beside your friend or family member for the duration of the ride.

But don’t despair!

You still queue up with your loved ones, and only say goodbye to them for the two or three minutes of the ride. In fact, the many times I used the Single Rider line at Universal, Kate and I ended up seated next to each other on the ride anyway!

Think of it this way: you won’t be chatting to your friend on the ride anyway, so why not save yourself the two hour wait in line for Gringotts?


For both Gringotts and The Forbidden Journey in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, take the general line for your first time riding, no matter how long the wait. Both have a spectacular walk-through queue that you have to see at least once.

Tell me in the comments below: have you taken advantage of the Single Rider Line at Universal Studios? What did you think of it?

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