Travel Accessories You Don’t Need

By Laura Jemetta

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Here is my list of travel accessories you don’t actually need in order to travel comfortably. The travel industry is saturated with travel accessories, so read on to find out what you don’t need to bother buying before going away!

A Travel Pillow

Possibly a controversial choice, but hear me out: you probably don’t need to take one of those neck pillows on the plane with you. They are not only a cumbersome thing to have to carry with you, but they take up room in your carry-on that you probably don’t have to spare. I would happily and easily leave my travel pillow at home on every trip I take from now on; it didn’t actually make it easier for me to sleep, and took up too much room in my luggage when I wasn’t using it. I didn’t even bother to take it out on some flights. My advice is: use the pillow they give you in economy; it’s there for a reason. That, or your rolled up jacket or cardigan makes just as good a pillow as you will need on a plane.

If you’re really attached to your travel pillow, consider a blow-up version. Just blow it up when you need it, and let it out and fold it away when you don’t.

Carry-On Suitcase

I’m sure some people swear by their four-wheeler carry-on’s, but I would never travel with one again. Large and cumbersome, carry-on suitcases are hard to lift into the overhead compartments, and difficult to access during your flight. While a carry-on suitcase can made a good foot-rest while I was waiting for flights; that was just about the only thing it was good for; having a small and large suitcase to deal with through airports and in and out of cars and ubers, was more trouble than it was worth.

My tip: Skip the carry-on suitcase and invest in a great backpack. You can fit a huge amount in the right backpack, and the best part is, you don’t carry it, you wear it! Backpacks are easier to hoist into the overhead compartments, or like me, you can usually stuff them under the seat in front of you without trouble.

Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Don’t get me wrong! I love Lonely Planet Guides, I do. I would buy every one of them if I could, but they can be expensive, and I find them cumbersome to actually take away with me on holiday.

My top tip: download the free Lonely Planet app from your app-store, where you can find shortened e-versions of Lonely Planet guides. Now, you can’t find every city or country on the app, but it does feature some of their most popular destinations, and a really good selection of well over 60 guides. The app version of the travel guides are so handy to have when you’re overseas as they still feature recommendations for places to eat and the best sights to see, as well as an offline map!

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