5 Things You Must Pack in Your Carry-On

By Laura Jemetta

What to pack in your carry on_Pinterest2

Not sure what to pack in your carry-on, and what to pack in your checked luggage? Read on below for my list of carry-on essentials!

1. Travel Documents

An obvious one; you need your travel documents and this is the place to put them.

2. Medication

If you take any sort of medication, it is so important that you pack it in your carry-on to keep it with you at all times. One of my fears when travelling is that my luggage will be lost on the way to my destination, and I will be without the things I need; including my medication. Keeping your medication on you will avoid you having to go without, just in case your luggage does go missing.

3. Travel Diary

I have a tradition for the plane every time I travel. I board the plane, get settled in my seat, and after take off, before even turning on my entertainment screen, I start writing in my travel diary. I write about how excited I’m feeling, what the check-in and boarding was like, and everything I’m excited for about my destination. I’ve never regretted the small amount of space it takes up in my backpack, and I think it’s a nice idea to be able to record the very beginning of my trips.

4. Spare Clothes

This is part of my contingency plan for lost luggage – since it’s always possible that your luggage could be lost by the airline, I always pack some spare clothes in my carry-on. I don’t usually pack a full outfit; just something that can be worn as pajamas, or that I can change into if needed. A spare top, and pair of soft pants can really get you out of a bind if your checked luggage does go missing for a day or two.

5. A Book

If you’re taking a book with you on your trip, (which I will always recommend you do), you won’t regret taking it on the plane with you. I appreciate having my book with me on long haul flights especially, to break up my screen-time, and to give me something new to do on a long flight.

There you have it – my list of carry-on essentials. I’d love to know what you take in your carry-on – let me know in the comments below!

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