Places You Have to See: Oahu

By Laura Jemetta

View of Diamond Head from the air

Oahu: this is the Hawaii you imagine when you dream of Hawaii. Possibly the most popular destination in Hawaii, Oahu is home to stunning beaches, beautiful natural scenery and fantastic shopping and dining experiences. There are so many natural wonders to be found on Oahu – look out of your hotel window to one side and you will see the bluest ocean, and to the other, luscious green mountainside. Oahu really is a spectacle of colour and natural beauty.

view from diamond head.jpg
View of Oahu from top of Diamond Head

Oahu has something to offer everybody; from nature lovers and shopping addicts, to history buffs and foodies. The main strip offers great shopping and dining, Pearl Harbor is a moving experience for anyone who has studied 20th Century history, and the Diamond Head and Waimea Valley offer an interesting and authentic cultural experience for those interested in Hawaiian culture and history. Oahu is a place for families, couples and group of travellers, as well as solo-travellers, who will be welcomed by the naturally friendly Hawaiian locals.

Have you been to Oahu? What do you love about it? Let me know in the comments if you love Hawaii, or if you’d love to go!

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